Meter MACS: Innovating Leisure Management Solutions for Marinas, Canals, and Parks

Meter MACS stands as a market authority, expertly delivering ready-to-use solutions for the distinct sectors of Marinas, Canals and Rivers, and Caravan, Motor Homes, and Chalets Parks. Our strategic partnership with DVR, a pioneer in Contract Electronics Manufacturing since 1983, marks us as innovators with an immediate off-the-shelf product offering. These solutions are not only tried and tested over 15 years but also boast adaptability to meet bespoke customer needs.

Innovative Leadership

Guided by Operations Manager Gabriel Neagu, our team harnesses the latest in technological innovation. Gabriel, whose expertise spans 19 years, ensures our solutions remain at the forefront, ready to respond to our customers’ evolving needs since his joining in 2017. We’re not just staying current; we’re defining the future of technology in leisure management.

Customer-Centric Approach

Brian Young, our Commercial Manager since the company’s outset in 2005, utilizes his twenty-plus years in the industry to direct our growth and product development. His extensive experience allows us to understand and anticipate the needs of our target markets, ensuring our products not only satisfy but also exceed expectations.

Technical Excellence

Warren Dew leads our Technical Support team from Basildon, ensuring that every client receives comprehensive service for their projects. With a team of five engineers, we cover everything from initial support to complex software development. This dedicated team ensures our clients can fully leverage the power of our solutions, with ongoing training and immediate technical assistance.

Bespoke Services and Support

Our solutions are renowned for their reliability and advanced features. However, what truly sets Meter MACS apart is the customisation we offer, ensuring a perfect fit for every client’s requirements.

Our Commitment

At Meter MACS, we commit to a legacy of trust, excellence, and quality. Our specialised attention to the sectors of Marinas, Canals and Rivers, and Caravan and Chalets Parks distinguishes us as a forward-thinking company. We are dedicated not only to fulfilling the existing needs of leisure infrastructure management but also to innovating and setting new standards for the industry’s future.

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