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Meter MACS Technology

A short introduction to 

Meter MACS System

Our systems operate independently from other site infrastructures and uses a Cloud Hub at each site and bollards that communicate wirelessly via mobile data. Once a hub is active, the site goes live for employees and customers. Bollards, which can be added or removed, relay data to our cloud software through the site hub. Our hubs use a roaming SIM, connecting to the strongest UK network signal for reliability. All hardware is pre-configured in our factory, and the site database is set up by our technical team. Upon powering, bollards connect to the Meter Macs Console, allowing client staff to view site and socket statuses.

The Meter MACS

Meter, Data Logger & Mesh

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Meter MACS Technology

The Meter
Our Meter and Data Logger are designed to be retrofitted into your current pedestals and installed into new hardware based on your requirements.
Data Logger
Our Wireless Data Logger connects seamlessly with the Meter MACS Cloud Hub using MESH technology. All readings are transmitted back to the cloud hub and stored in a database for analysis and reporting for you and your customers.
Tying the whole system together is the Meter MACS Cloud Hub, which will be situated on-site and accepts all the connection from data loggers on site. The advantage of this system is the ability to add additional Meters to your site allowing quick integration with the Hub via a mesh network making expansion and integration simple and seamless.

An introduction to the 

Meter MACS Customer Portal

The self-service portal is designed to provide a seamless user experience. Customers can now enjoy the convenience of online access to their accounts from any device with internet capability. This intuitive portal not only offers real-time balance information but also empowers users to perform top-ups and request refunds with just a few clicks. Additionally, the self-arrive feature allows customers to easily activate dispensing at any available outlet, giving them greater autonomy over their transactions.

Prioritising user control, the portal also offers on and off control of utilities, ensuring that customers have the flexibility they need when managing their services. Moreover, with 24/7 automated notifications, users are always kept in the loop about any updates or changes related to their accounts. For those seeking a comprehensive overview of their financial activities, the option to view statements online is readily available. This enhanced portal is dedicated to making user interactions as efficient and user-friendly as possible.
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A quick overview of 

The Meter MACS Admin Console

Here’s an overview of

The Meter MACS Admin Console

Our software is tailored to monitor every connection across all outlets and customers. This system guarantees Secure Utility Dispensing, granting access solely to authorised customers. With functionalities such as automatic or timed disconnect, it promises heightened security and regulated usage. Moreover, the software proudly delivers absolute readings straight from MID Approved SMART Meters, ensuring pinpoint accuracy in consumption metrics.

Stay abreast with the real-time status of all utility outlets, assuring smooth operations and immediate intervention for any irregularities. The platform further empowers businesses by tracking customer activities, encompassing everything from meter readings and top-ups to email notifications. Harnessing the might of Big Data, the software provides extensive reporting capabilities, permitting users to craft bespoke reports fitting their specific needs. To bolster reliability, the system comes equipped with a 24/7 self-monitoring feature and dispatches automated alerts to keep administrators in the loop regarding any issues. Catering to a broad spectrum of utilities such as electricity, water, pump out, gas, and EV, Meter Macs ensures comprehensive oversight and management of all your utility necessities.
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New RD Web Release

We have now release Console through RDweb. This connects to the console through any browser on any device.

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Gateway Self-Arrive Feature
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