Meter MACS Admin Console: Advanced Utility Management

The Meter MACS Admin Console is an innovative software solution designed to provide comprehensive management of utilities across various outlets and customers. It is engineered to ensure Secure Utility Dispensing, offering access exclusively to authorised customers. With its advanced features, including automatic disconnects and absolute readings from MID Approved SMART Meters, this system is a paradigm of security, accuracy, and efficiency in utility management.

Monitor Every Connection for Comprehensive Oversight

Our Admin Console allows operators to monitor every connection, ensuring complete oversight across all outlets. This extensive monitoring capability is fundamental to maintaining smooth operations and ensuring that services are delivered efficiently and securely.

Guaranteed Secure Utility Dispensing

The console ensures Secure Utility Dispensing by granting access only to authorised customers. This feature is crucial for maintaining security and regulated usage, preventing unauthorised access and ensuring that utility services are used responsibly and efficiently.

Pinpoint Accuracy with MID Approved SMART Meters

Absolute readings from MID Approved SMART Meters are a standout feature of our software. These meters guarantee pinpoint accuracy in consumption metrics, providing administrators with reliable data for billing and operational decisions.

Real-Time Status for Immediate Operational Insights

Stay informed with real-time status updates of all utility outlets. This feature allows for immediate intervention in case of irregularities, assuring smooth operations and rapid response to any operational challenges.

Track Customer Activity for Enhanced Service Management

The Admin Console enables businesses to track customer activities comprehensively, from meter readings and top-ups to email notifications. This tracking capability is instrumental in understanding customer behaviour and managing services effectively.

Extensive Reporting Capabilities Leveraging Big Data

Harness the power of Big Data with our software's extensive reporting capabilities. Users can create bespoke reports tailored to their specific needs, enabling deep insights and strategic decision-making based on comprehensive data analysis.

Reliable 24/7 System Self-Monitoring and Automated Alerts

With 24/7 self-monitoring and automated alerts, the system ensures that administrators are always aware of the system's status and any issues. This continuous monitoring and alert system bolsters the reliability and effectiveness of utility management.

Comprehensive Utility Coverage

The Meter MACS Admin Console covers a broad spectrum of utilities, including electricity, water, pump out, gas, and EV. This comprehensive coverage ensures that all utility needs are managed effectively and efficiently.

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